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How does one address the challenge of a restless baby who refuses to sleep without being gently rocked, carried, strolled, or driven around? In such moments, one fervently seeks a solution that befits the needs of both parent and child. And when conventional remedies fall short, what does one do? The answer lies in innovation, as demonstrated by Ståle Flataker, a devoted and fatigued Norwegian father who, faced with desperation, ingeniously created a solution of his own.

Ståle Flataker  / CEO

The beginning

After months of brainstorming, with a little help from his engineer brother in-law, the prototype of Sleepytroll was ready. And it worked! Silas finally slept better and was a happy, well-rested baby. Ståle finally had some extra time to spend with his two older sons and his wife. And a hot cup of coffee never tasted so good!

Out and about, Ståle always met a lot of other parents who noticed the Sleepytroll and wondered where they could buy one for themselves. So, Ståle teamed up with an award-winning industrial design enterprise to figure out how to make the prototype scalable. And in 2019, after three years of continuous development and testing, the Sleepytroll was finally ready to launch to the market. And the rest is history!

The idea

Silas was born on New Year ́s Eve in 2015 as son number three. As a baby, Silas had problems sleeping and adopting a healthy sleep pattern. He rarely slept more than 20 minutes unless there was a rocking motion. So, his parents had to walk him in the stroller or drive around in their car. Day and night. Without the rocking motion, Silas would wake up too early or might not even fall asleep.

On one of his endless trips out strolling, Silas ́dad Ståle thought to himself; there must be a better way to help Silas sleep than for me to keep him in motion all the time. That’s when he came up with the idea to build an automatic baby rocker. Surely it should be possible to get the stroller to rock itself?

A very early prototype of the Sleepytroll Baby Rocker

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